Biological Heritage vs Environmental Upbringing

Biological Heritage vs Environmental Upbringing

Which Factor Contributes Best To Your Business Mind Set?

Emily, Leah & Sydney

A person’s biological heritage and environmental upbringing are two factors that shape a person from a young age, but how do these two predetermined circumstances determine an individual’s impression in the business world.

What is biological heritage and environmental upbringing? Biological heritage Is based on a person’s ethnic culture, traditions, and genetics, as it is not chosen but is passed on by your parents. Environmental upbringing, it is the way you were raised at a young age. The customs your parents or peers made accustomed to you, but do these two elements of a person’s life shape a young business mind.

We interviewed two North Toronto students in grade 10 and how they’re affected by biological heritage. “My mom is Spanish and dad is British, you would never be able to tell from just looking at me.” -Ben. Biological heritage doesn’t necessarily have an impact on one’s business mind. As described in this quote not all people really resonate with their ethnicity. Although as proven in this quote “As a Mexican born in Canada seeing how hard working my ancestors were it has inspired me to continue their hard work ethic.” – Asier. This proves that biological heritage can be a big contributor to someone’s business mindset.

Environmental upbringing also has a huge impact on young minds, as Anna Wintour’s whole environmental upbringing shaped her for what she is now, which is why she is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine. Anna was surrounded by novelist during her early years as her father was the editor of the Evening Standard and two of her siblings were journalists known for their newspapers. Her great great great grandmother was also a late 18th century famous novelist as her parents always supported her love for fashion and showed enthusiasm for her to get involved. Her grandmother would send her issues of fashion magazines from the U.S. Her father oftenly asked her to consult on ideas for the youth market. This proves that Wintour’s environmental upbringing helped her achieve who she is to this day.

In conclusion, biological heritage and environmental upbringing affects many successful business workers either for the positive or negative, as it also affects an individual’s impression in the business industry.