French Club

French Club

Club Executives

  • Maya Shapira ( 
  • Logan Proulx (

Staff Advisor

  • Jelena Milenovic (


  • Location: Room 321
  • Time: Tuesdays, Bi-Weekly, at Lunch

Social Media

  • IG: @ntcifrenchclub
  • Google Classroom Form: hyg5nhe
  • General member form: Google Form


French club is dedicated to helping students speak and improve French language skills with or without any past experience. It’s also an opportunity to earn extra credit if you are enrolled in a French course at NT 🙂


The French club promises to offer students opportunities to enrich their knowledge of the French language and culture, and to improve French presence at NTCI.


The Club Heads want you to know: “Linguistic insecurity is real (believe me, I have it too) as well as being shy when it comes to joining and participating in clubs too. We want students to know that the French Club is a safe space to learn and practice French, no matter your skill level. It’s a pressure-free environment for students to have fun, and we hope to have more recruits and people joining our meetings!

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