Model UN Club

Model UN Club

Club ExecutiveS

  • Isis Mullaj (
  • Mason Rosen (
  • Jayson Kim(
  • Audrey Gilson (
  • Lydia Babasika(

Staff Advisor

  • Brian Barnswell (


  • Room 222
  • Thursday at lunch

Social Media

  • Instagram: ntci.model.un
  • Join the Google Classroom: 453k5i
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  • More Information: @ntci.model.un | Linktree

Club Activities

Model United Nations (Model UN/MUN) is a popular, academically-related, educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations (UN). In short, students roleplay as delegates representing countries and their respective positions on international topics, and simulate UN committees. Through academic research, discussion, debate, and application of writing, students propose policies and create theoretical resolutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues! Our club typically participates in 1-2 MUN conferences per year, where our delegates have the opportunity to compete in conferences including University of Toronto MUN and Havergal College MUN. Students have the chance to hone their public speaking, debate, and leadership abilities, in addition to the opportunity to earn awards if recognized as a Best Delegate, an Outstanding Delegate or an Honourable Mention.