Physical Education & Health Department

2023/24 Staff Members

Robert Tallevi (ACL)

Katy Murphy (Athletics Coordinator)

Britni Blackmore

  • Anne Chamberlain

Shawn Hood

Where to Find Us

  • Gym Office
  • Beside Gym A (Basement)

Department Course Offerings

Click on a course code below for a full description and prerequisites:

Grade 9:

Phys Ed (male):  PPL1OM

Phys Ed (female):  PPL1OF

Phys Ed (co-ed):  PPL1O1

Grade 10: 

Phys Ed (male): PPL2OM

Phys Ed (female): PPL2OF


Grade 11:

Personal Activities and Fitness (male):  PAF3OM

Personal Activities and Fitness (female):  PAF3OF

Phys Ed (co-ed):  PPL3O1

Grade 12:

Personal Activities and Fitness (male): PAF4OM

Personal Activities and Fitness (female): PAF4OF

Phys Ed (co-ed): PPL4O1

Recreation & Healthy Active Living Leadership: PLF4M1

Kinesiology: PSK4U1

Government, Ministry, & TDSB Resources

Students and parents may find the following additional resources helpful with Physical Education Department academic planning: 

The TDSB Choices magazine has a vareity of academic planning tools and a host of course description information.  This magazine can be accessed by clicking on the above graphic.

The Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Education website includes links to all Secondary Curriculum documents.  Links to these documents can be accessed by clicking on the above graphic.

The TDSB Course Search navigator allows one to search for any TDSB high school course by course code, grade or subject, or by key word and provides a full course description and list of prerequisites.

The Ministry of Education produces specific curriculum documents.  Physical Health and Education Studies junior (Gr. 9 & 10) and senior (Gr. 11 & 12) can be accessed by clicking on the above graphic.


NT Athletic Association:

Students interested in being more involved in physical education at North Toronto should participate in NT Athletic Association