Student Expectations

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• By attending school regularly and punctually
• By approaching our school responsibilities in a manner which exemplifies our best efforts
• By attending school or school functions without alcohol, drugs, or weapons
• By taking steps to ensure a healthy lifestyle
• By dressing in a manner appropriate to a school setting



• By respecting the rights of others to be heard and appreciated both within and beyond the classroom

• By Respecting all persons regardless of their race, gender, sexuality preference/orientation, colour, religion, national origin, age, and mental or physical ability

• By keeping the halls and entrances clear and quiet while classes are in session and clean at all times. Students during their spares should be in the Commons, Library, or Main Foyer area

• By refraining from the use of language or gestures which are profane, abusive, or inappropriate in a school setting

• By welcoming and supporting all members of the North Toronto school community



• By showing care for the condition of the school property such as desks, textbooks, lockers, computers, musical instruments, and library materials

• By keeping our school clean by consuming food and drinks only in designated areas, by ensuring that garbage and litter are disposed of properly, and by keeping the school clean and free of graffiti 

• By not smoking on school property or our neighbours’ property

• By acting in a manner which honours the traditions and reputation of the school

 By participating and/or supporting the participation of others in school activities


• By standing respectfully during the playing of the national anthem

• By exhibiting good citizenship through obedience to the laws of the city, province, and country



• By reducing, reusing, and recycling our waste products

• By being aware of eniromental concerns and by actively supporting activities which further those concerns

School Procedures and Policy
Students are expected to attend class regularly and punctually, comply with staff and teachers requests in a polite and mature way, and are expected to respect and protect school property and grounds.
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Attendance, punctuality, and participation are essential for success.
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Tests and Assignments
Tests and major assignments demand studying above and beyond regular homework. Efforts are made to assist students to distribute their workloads; teachers are available for consultation and extra help; advance warning is always given for major tests and assignments.
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TDSB Online Code of Conduct
All policies, procedures, codes of behaviour and rules of the TDSB apply to those using online systems and resources provided by or on behalf of the TDSB. The "Code of Online Conduct" pertains to the use of online systems and resources. This Code has been prepared to protect the rights and safety of all.
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