Jewish Culture Club

Jewish Culture Club

Club Executive

  • Justine Sneiderman (

Staff Advisor

  • Jennifer Schwartz (


  • Meeting Place: Room 335

  • Meeting Days: Tuesdays
  • Meeting Time: Lunch

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Club Activities

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) program is an initiative of NCSY , a Jewish not-for-profit organization that operates in communities throughout North America, South America, and Israel. Open to all students regardless of religious background, JSU clubs facilitate students’ pride in their own heritage and cultural understanding with friends and neighbours within the school community.


Currently in nearly 200 high schools in North America, JSU facilitates Jewish “culture clubs” featuring interactive activities, holiday-related programs, engaging discussions on Jewish values, and leadership and social action opportunities. North Toronto Jewish Student Union Club is a club dedicated to enriching the knowledge of Jewish culture, and creating a safe space for students to learn about Judaism with experienced Rabbis and mentors. The goal of Jewish club is to inspire individuals to learn more about Jewish religion and practices.


We will be giving out many prizes including gift cards and more! Come to Jewish club to win prizes, play games, and learn about Judaism!


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