Senior Boys Basketball Award Winners

Senior Boys Basketball Award Winners

Most Valuable Player

Cameron Ollerhead: Cameron also claimed this award for the Junior Boys Basketball Team in 2019-20. Cameron was a leading scorer for the team who was able to shoot the ball and get to the rim. During the past season, Cameron made big shots to tie and win critical games. He plays at both ends of the floor and makes things happen with his defense and passing. After he played three years for the Senior Boys Basketball team, the team wishes Cameron the best of luck next year studying Computer Science at Western.

Captain’s Award

Alon Rotem: What needs to be clearly understood is how much Alon contributed to the team from 2020 to today. Alon organized training on hills and the field, weight room workouts, Zoom film sessions, and games and tournaments. He always asked for me gym time for his teammates. On the court, he played at both ends and held teammates accountable. Alon has made so much of North Toronto basketball possible since he first set foot in the building.

Best Teammate

Josh Seaton: Josh was voted as Best Teammate by his teammates. Josh could play both forward and guard positions while serving as the team’s lockdown defender. Teammates appreciated how Josh was always vocal and energetic, no matter what the situation. Josh exemplified intensity in games and practices.

Defensive Player of the Year

Thomas Balfe: Thomas won this award in 2018-19 with the Junior Boys Basketball Team and his defensive effort has never wavered over the years. Thomas rebounds, blocks shots and takes charges. He always protects the rim behind our perimeter defenders. The team truly had a different personality when he was on the court and we will miss his persistence next fall when he is attending the University of Guelph.

Most Improved Player

Max Kroll: As the season progressed, Max’s role on the team grew. He was involved in some of our most efficient offensive possessions and became a reliable defender and rebounder. Max set an example by communicating throughout possessions and always put up extra shots during our game day shootarounds. Max will be a key leader and veteran on the team next year.