Student Council Elections


President Candidates

Ruiming Xu

President – Candidate

My name is Ruiming and I am running to be your 2024 – 2025 Student Council president! 

For me, my priorities as a president would be to you, the students. The goals that I would like to introduce include a student to teacher feedback system where students can give feedback and comments to their teachers at the end of the semester, and more spirit days and games like Senior Assassin, grade wars, and additional themed days. 

Ivan Anand

President – Candidate

NT needs a guiding light. Advocating for the student body Is my biggest priority. If you’re taking law next year, you’re welcome! I speak 4 languages fluently, I’m currently on the national choir, and am an internationally ranked debater. As president, my goals are to represent more student interests by continuing to add new courses to the curriculum, while increasing spirit days and connections to the student council. VOTE I-V-A-N. Ever faithful, In Red & Grey!

Mona Asefzadeh

President – Candidate

Hello! I’m Mona and I’m running to be your new president! I’ve loved being at NT and experiencing all the clubs and activities at our school with you all since grade 9. As your president, I will continue our traditions and strive to introduce many awesome events 🙂 Culture Day? A Club Schedule?  Bigger and better Spirit Days? Yes! I’m bringing all that and more! Get ready for greatness, NT!

Siddharth Tiwari

President – Candidate

Hey NT! I’m Siddharth Tiwari, and I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for student council president. During my time here at NT, I’ve had the privilege of leading several student groups to success. Under my captaincy, the NTCI Badminton Team has achieved remarkable success. In the following school year, my main objective is to boost school spirit whilst fostering better communication between the council and the student body. With Sid as lead, we will succeed!

Senior Vice President (SVP)

Logan Proulx

Senior Vice President – Acclaimed

Hey NT! My name’s Logan and I’m so excited to be your senior vice president! While at NT, I co-ran Charity Week and have helped to raise over $11,000 for local charities by prioritizing student ideas. Next year, I hope to promote more active communication between the charity week committee and students and ensure that council’s events, assemblies, and fundraisers are above all else fun and engaging to the student body. Get ready NT…

Junior Vice President (JVP) Candidates

Anisa Chalabi

Junior Vice President – Candidate

Hello, my name is Anisa Chalabi. I am applying for JVP. I’d like to improve students’ experience

and help everyone get the support they need. I’m gathering ideas to improve the spirit in our

school with more fun activities.


My priorities will be:

Creating a welcoming environment for students at school.

Create a safe and supportive environment for students to discuss their issues.

Making a happier and more productive environment

Jacee Yousef claveria

Junior Vice President – Candidate

If you haven’t gotten to know me yet, my name is Jaycee, a Grade 9 running for this year’s junior vice president! I’m an ambitious graphic designer wanting to reshape the way NT advertises its events. Beginning highschool has really changed me into becoming a better version of myself, so in return, I’d like to give back to you, the student body, that has helped me achieve this version. Come see me this election week!

Faye Grief-Albert

Junior Vice President – Candidate

Hi everyone! I’m Faye, and I’m running for Junior Vice President. A few things about me: I’m passionate and love to have fun, but I also have experience – last year I organized many events and assemblies at my school. My goal next year is to have more spirit days and have us feel more connected to the NTCI community. Vote for me and I will be your voice! On May 14-15th vote Faye for JVP!

Sunny Lee

Junior Vice President – Candidate

Hey there! I’m Sunny Lee, a PE and science fan! 

I want to use my experiences as a class rep, a NEAT executive member, an assembly speaker, and a Red & Grey Day spirit award winner for you. 🌹

As a JVP candidate, I aim to be the voice of all my fellow juniors and offer the joy of being valued. I want to turn your cloudy junior days into sunny days (pun intended). Love ya!

William Liang

Junior Vice President – Candidate

Hey everyone! I’m William, running for Junior Vice President. I’m all about boosting school spirit and contributing more to our community with fun and meaningful events like Charity Week. Representing Grades 9 and 10 is crucial to me, ensuring their voices are heard in council discussions. Let’s create memorable experiences together and make our school more united, inclusive and fun. With your support, we can make a difference!

Zoe Sergeyev

Junior Vice President – Candidate

Hello NT! I am Zoe, a candidate for your new JVP. You may know me from our shared classes, as your class rep, or your official photographer!  As JVP, I aim to start a careers club, help grade 9s & 10s better identify opportunities to get engaged in school life and create greater connection between the student council and student body. Vote for me so I can continue to give back to NT!

Rhonel Quiban

Junior Vice President – Candidate

Hey, NT! Ready for another year? I’m Rhonel, one of your candidates for JVP! I’m here to represent YOU! All your ideas, big and small. Each year we get a chance to enjoy ourselves with school events, and I want your help. Through social media, you can reach out to me by searching my name, Rhonel’s a name that’s HARD TO MISS. Voicing your ideas to make your year better than the last!

Tanisha Tolat

Junior Vice President – Candidate

Hey everyone! Tanisha here, stepping outside my comfort zone and running for JVP this year! My top priority is to support each and every student at NT in reaching their full potential, while also aiming to plan memorable events that everyone would love. As JVP, I’ll make sure students have a say in school decisions. Should ye graciously cast thy vote for me, ye shalt find no reason for sorrow or rue!

Jocelyn Xia

Junior Vice President – Candidate

Hello! My name is Jocelyn Xia. I’m running for Junior Vice President. With my previous experience as a club head and valedictorian, I’m well equipped to serve and represent the future grade 9s and 10s. By dedicating my time and effort, my contribution will make student life not just memorable but also meaningful. Please come and check out my campaign! I don’t bite 🙂

As well, Kiarash Asraf and Elias Onoufriou are running for the position of Junior Vice President.

Secretary Candidates

Natania Baskaran

Secretary – Candidate

Hi NT! My name is Natania Baskaran, and I’m running to be your 2024-2025 Student Body Secretary! Since Gr. 9, I’ve loved the NT community and spirit more each year. Through roles like class representative and involvement in various NT clubs, I’ve cultivated strong organizational and time management skills. As Secretary, I aim to harness these abilities to effectively coordinate and represent the diverse voices of our community, ensuring NT reaches its fullest potential!

Noah Beijer

Secretary – Candidate

Hey, my name is Noah Beijer and I am running for the NTCI student council secretary position. I believe I am the best candidate for my position as I have the strongest ability to connect with the student body as a part of the council. If elected in this position I will aim to improve the connection between the student council, the administration and the student body by creating a more communicative environment.

Eddes Dulaj

Secretary – Candidate

Hello NT! My name is Eddes, I’m in grade 11, and I’m going to be your secretary next year! My platform aims to foster communication between every member of the student council, plus every subcommittee and other extracurricular activities at NT. Additionally, I hold leadership positions outside of school, and have gotten involved with a variety of programs at NT. I want to make sure that every student enjoys their time at NT. Thank you!

Rishan Roy

Secretary – Candidate

Hi NT! My name is Rishan Roy and I am running to be next years secretary on student council. My background as a non-profit meetings coordinator and former council member has given me the abilities to carry out the secretary’s responsibilities. My primary objective as secretary would be to increase transparency. In order to do this, I would make sure that frequent updates are posted, improve social media interaction, and offer places for student input. 

Tommy Wylie

Secretary – Candidate

If you don’t know me for my active involvement in class or the drama and music departments you may soon know me as your 2024-2025 student council secretary. In this role I hope to be even more active in other sectors of our student body by being the one who asks questions and wants to receive them. I can be the peoples opinion and your voice. Vote Tommy Wylie while you can.

Treasurer Candidates

Keira Bardhi

Treasurer – Candidate

Hi everyone! I’m Keira and i’m thrilled to run for Treasurer. With a strong interest in finance and a dedication to our school community, I’m committed to bringing responsible budgeting and new ideas to our student council. My platform focuses on transparency, smart financial management, and ensuring our resources benefit every student,

Harshith Chitturi

Treasurer – Candidate

I’m running for treasurer, and my main goal is to make sure our school’s finances are in tip-top shape. I have some great ideas, like organizing fundraisers and charities, creating a budgeting workshop, and finding ways to save money without compromising on quality. My priority is to be transparent, and responsible, and make sure every dollar is used wisely. I’m super excited about this campaign!

Anisa Kaviani Maram

Treasurer – Candidate

Hi everyone! I’m Anisa, and I’m running for treasurer for the 2024-2025 term. I believe that with some of my ideas, we can expand our budget so that all clubs and activities will have enough funding. I am a qualified candidate for this role because of my experience in budgeting and handling money. Additionally, I am exceptionally good at math and have taking accounting lessons, which is an important aspect of being a treasurer. If elected, I will ensure that we use our budget wisely and efficiently. I am fully committed to giving my all to this role. All I ask for is your vote.

Yasmin Rakan Qazvini

Treasurer – Candidate

Hello! I’m Yasmin. Outside of school, I love hanging out with friends, playing tennis, video games, and singing/songwriting! As a candidate for treasurer, my goal is to enhance NT’s already amazing events. Concerns about finances often limit our ambitions in doing so, but I’m dedicated to providing sensible funding and lending a hand with management in order for more events to occur. With our vibrant student body, participation is guaranteed. I hope to ignite even more excitement and engagement at NT!

Elsa Scurfield

Treasurer – Candidate

My name is Elsa, and I am so excited to be running for Treasurer! I love meeting people, organizing, math, and NT, so I am up to the job. If you elect me I will approach this job, the student council, and club funding with the utmost enthusiasm. As a member of 4 clubs and teams, I understand the importance of funding and a good treasurer, I would be honored for you to select me!

Environmental Minister Candidates

Chaeyoung Jin

Environmental Minister – Candidate

Hey everyone! I’m Chaeyoung Jin, and I’m running for the 24-25 NTCI Environmental Minister position. As someone who loves exploring nature, I am committed to organizing more events for NEAT and adding more meetings with fun activities anyone can enjoy. I am open to hearing everyone’s opinions and creating a welcoming environment. Let’s all work together to raise awareness and take action for a cleaner environment for our community and the future!

Allison Shi

Environmental Minister – Candidate

Hey NT! My name is Allison, and I’m running to be your next environmental minister. Next year, I hope to introduce fresh ideas to the North Toronto Environmental Action Team, bolstering the committee’s presence and impact on the school community. Furthermore, I plan to create even more fun and engaging volunteer opportunities, events, and initiatives as we work towards renewing our EcoSchools certification for the next school year. Get excited!!

Music Council President Candidates

Grace Uy

Music Council President – Candidate

Hi! My name is Grace Uy and I am running to be the next Music Council President! I’ve been on the music council for three years, and would love to continue working with amazing people who share my passion for music. As music council president, I will continue to run the amazing events you know and love, and try to introduce some new events for all students!

Umayaal Sukumaran

Music Council President – Candidate

Giving back to our esteemed music community is what drives my desire to be Music Council President. My focus is to enhance the harmony between our diverse music streams. With past experience as a Vocal Rep, House Captain, and Prefect, I aim to organize engaging fundraisers, foster our music spirit, further connect with NT music alumni and create platforms to showcase individual talent beyond ensembles. Let’s enhance the music experience together!

Art Council President

Lauren Packham

Art Council President – Acclaimed

Hi, I’m Lauren and I am your 2024-25 Art Council President! From the 8 am decorating sessions to the 4 hour after school meetings, I love Art Council. Among my fellow members, I’ve found an amazing community as we work to create a brighter school- proved with our projects themselves (Look closely at the flowers in the window staircase!). I want to share that community with you by implementing more art events, installations, and collaborations. Look forward to a colourful school year NT!

Social Convenor Candidates

Amy Yao

Social Convenor – Candidate

Greetings! I’m Amy, running to be your next Social Convener. My goal is to foster a stronger sense of unity among NT students by orchestrating unforgettable events that were postponed this year, to revive spirit days by introducing a variety of engaging competitions, events, and activities tailored to the desires of NT students. Furthermore, I’ll not hesitate and patiently listen, addressing any concern that one may have. Together, let’s create an extraordinarily memorable year of enjoyment!

Zeda Dobro

Social Convenor – Candidate

Hi! My name is Zeda and I’m running to be your next Social Convenor! My goal as social convener would be to make sure that every student has a chance to get involved with fun and memorable school events and have the best year possible! I would implement more fun games at lawn parties like team races, grade wars, and much more. Additionally, I will listen to you and make sure that your voices are heard! Vote for Zeda as your next social convener!

Lamar Afify

Social Convenor – Candidate

Hi everyone! I’m Lamar Afify and I’m excited to be running for social convenor for the 2024-25 school year! I am passionate about enriching the school body through exciting social events that bring us together. As your social convenor, I will ensure that every student’s voice is heard and incorporate a range of events that cater to all interests. Allow me, your social convenor, to plan the spirit days, the lawn party and most importantly, an unforgettable prom night.

NTAA Male President Candidates

Ze Cui

NTAA Male President – Candidate

Hello, I am Ze Cui, a candidate for NTAA male president. With my participation in over 6 sports teams, leading both the Jr basketball and volleyball team, and winning rookie of the year has demonstrated my excellence in teamwork and leadership. My platform enhances school spirit, promotes sportsmanship, and addresses athletes’ needs. As NTAA male president, I’ll unite students’ spirits and athlete’s love for sports. Vote for me so that together, we can achieve paramount success.

Jamil Katrib

NTAA Male President – Candidate

My name is Jamil Katrib, I am in grade 11 and am 17 years old. I am an athlete who swims and enjoys playing many sports. As your NTAA male president, I have many ideas in mind. Some of my goals are to create more events that appreciate some of the athletes in our school, create the team of the year, and much more. I am willing to hear your ideas for the school year.

NTAA Female President Candidates

Emmerson Bristol

NTAA Female President – Candidate

My name is Emmerson Bristol but you may know me as Emmy, I am running for NTAA female president. With the opportunity of being apart of student council I want to keep the NT spirit alive and have amazing spirit events.I am currently one of the executives for NTAA and have been a general member since grade 10. I am excited to have this opportunity to run against the other candidates.

Eliana Grillo

NTAA Female President – Candidate

Hey NT, I’m Eliana! As a lifelong athlete who’s competed in sports for years and even earned a top 10 spot at OFSAA, I’m running for NTAA Female President. I’m committed to sparking school spirit, planning exciting pep rallies, and organizing more spirit days. With my passion for sports and leadership, I’m ready to unite our students and make our time at NT unforgettable. Vote for Eliana and I’ll lead the way!

Maya Shapira

NTAA Female President – Candidate

My name is Maya Shapira and I am currently in grade 11 running for NTAA female president. I plan to prioritize building a strong NTAA team that will help make the sports world of NT the best it has ever been. I will also work hard to prioritize Red and Grey day and make sure it’s one of the most spirited days that this school has seen in a while.

Evangeline Thibodeau

NTAA Female President – Candidate

I’m Evangeline and I want to be your NTAA female president. I’ve been involved in NTAA for the past 2 years, so I have the experience to do the job and a ton of great ideas to bring to the position. I will bring energy and spirit. I aim to build the NT Athletics community. I strive to make Red and Grey Day the best it’s ever been!

Becky Yip

NTAA Female President – Candidate

Hi everyone! My name is Becky and I’ll be running for the 2024-2025 NTAA Female President. I aspire to bring more fun, spirit and achievements into NT to make next year the best athletic year anyone’s ever had! I’ll focus on more interactive spirit events and a wider variety of intramurals; as well as monitoring the whole of NTAA to ensure everything runs spiritedly! Let’s create an amazing year of memories and vote for Becky as your next female president!