Exercise to Success Workshop

Exercise to Success Workshop

Event date: December 7, 2021

Exercise to Success


If your child is looking to get back into a fitness regime, find a different approach to working out or to simply get more active with friends, they should sign up for this workout workshop hosted by NT Wellness.


This dynamic fitness, personal development and community building session is led by fitness guru and school social worker, Rich Filler. He uses group exercise to promote teamwork and unity while tying lessons learned from the workout into discussions about life.  Participants will develop their fitness, gain personal insights, grow as leaders and build connections. 


When: Tuesday, December 7 @ 3-4:15 pm


Where: School gym


Who: Everyone is welcome (workout can be modified for all levels)


What to bring: Comfortable clothes, athletic shoes, water


Only students who have signed up can attend. The sign up link is below and is also posted in the Guidance Google Classroom streams right now and will stay up until 10 pm on Monday evening.