Message from the NTCI School (Parent) Council (“Council”)
While the environment is a strange and everchanging one, we look forward to engaging with the NTCI parent community, in whatever manner we may this year.
The first parent meeting will be held on Monday October 26 at 7:00 p.m., virtually, via Zoom (login details to follow in a separate communication). The agenda for the meeting will be posted on both the school’s website and the Council’s website. The Evening’s Agenda will include an update from Principal Mack and the Student Council, along with elections to establish the School (Parent) Council for this academic year.
School (Parent) Council Elections
An important part of the meeting will be the election of parents who will form the Council for the 2020-2021 year.
Any parent or guardian of an NTCI student may be nominated or may nominate themselves as a candidate for election to the Council. The names of candidates will be posted on the School Council website on or before October 21, 2020, and will be identified in an email to parents sent out in advance of the meeting. The deadline for nominations is October 19, 2020.
After the election, newly elected Council members will meet and elect a Chair or Co-Chairs, confirm the other positions that are needed to perform Council functions during the year, and determine the Council members who will fill those positions. Nominees are invited to indicate roles they may have a particular interest in.
There are many roles to be filled. Below is a list of the roles that have been typically established in previous years. The Council may determine that it is most appropriate to have co-holders for certain positions to facilitate the transition from year to year.
Typical Council Roles

• Chair or Co-Chairs
• Treasurer
• Co-Secretary (x 2)
• Co-Speaker Coordinator (x2)
• Ward Liaison
• School-Community Event Coordinators (x2)
• Communications Coordinator
• Member-at-Large (several)
• Grade 9 Parent representative

The Council may determine that additional roles are desirable depending upon the circumstances from year to year.  For example, this year it may be determined that there ought to be a community safety liaison and/or virtual students’ parent representative.
The Council is typically composed of up to 14 members. To nominate yourself or another parent/guardian, Please complete the online form on the NTCI School Council website, here: https://ntcischoolcouncil.weebly.com/  .  Please Note: If you nominate someone other than yourself, please ensure you have their consent.  They will be contacted, and their nomination will not be accepted without their agreement!
If you wish to complete a paper nomination form, please connect with the office administrator, Diane Henderson, by email: diane.henderson@tdsb.on.ca, or email communications@ntcischoolcouncil.ca, and one will be made available to you. All nominations must be received, physically or online, prior to October 19, 2020.
To learn more about what the Council does, including names and roles of its 2019-2020 members, and meeting minutes, please visit the Council’s page on the NTCI School website, here:  https://ntci.on.ca/main-office/school-council/

The NTCI School (Parent) Council looks forward to your involvement (whether virtual or ‘in real life’!) at our meetings during the year, and to hearing from you through one of our communications links below on any issue, idea or concern that you may have as the year progresses.

We encourage you to sign up for the Parent Council mailing list, or join any of the social media platforms noted below to be kept informed of dates and times of the regular meetings along with details of any guest speakers etc.

You may sign up online at: www.NTCISchoolCouncil.ca

You may also connect with the school council through the following channels:

 Email:    communications@ntcischoolcouncil.ca
 Facebook page:  Like and follow NTCI School Parent Council
 Facebook group:  Join NTCI School Parent Council
 Twitter:    Follow @ntci_parents