History Club

History Club

Club Executives

  • Emilie Madden (emilie.madden@student.tdsb.on.ca)
  • Justine Sneiderman (justine.sneiderman2@student.tdsb.on.ca)

Staff Advisor

  • Ms. Wolfe (karen.wolfe@tdsb.on.ca)

Social Media

  • Instgram: ntcihistoryclub
  • Google Clasroom code: XKJK7KX

Meeting Information

  • Room: 334
  • When: Tuesday
  • Time: Lunch

Club Activities

  • Currently, we are working on a project to honour soldiers who fought in WWI from NT at the upcoming Remembrance day assembly. This is an incredible project, and will have a lasting impact on our NT community. Additionally, after the Remembrance day assembly, we will begin to study for a competition called the History Bowl! We participated last year, and it was an incredible experience. You will be able to learn about world history from the beginning of time to now through games, guest speakers, debates and so much more!