Credit Rescue Day #1

Credit Rescue Day #1

Event date: November 2, 2021

What is the purpose of Credit Rescue Days?

Students who are struggling in a course and/or who have fallen behind in a course for a variety of reasons may be asked by their teachers to attend their Credit Rescue class on these 2 days in order to review concepts OR to catch up on missed work or evaluations.


The Schedule:

Week 1 Morning Class – Tuesday, November 2, Starts: 9 am

Week 1 Afternoon Class – Tuesday, November 2, Starts: 12:15 pm


Week 2 Morning Class – Wednesday, November 10, Starts: 9 am

Week 2 Afternoon Class – Wednesday, November 10, starts: 12:15 pm


Please note:

Students/parents will know if the student has been asked to attend because they will be sent an email invitation by their course teacher 

If a student is told to attend, they should bring all course work and related devices to Credit Rescue class.

Students who receive the email invite are expected at the class start time (9am or 12:15pm) but may be dismissed before the end of class.

Students who are not invited to the Credit Rescue class do not have to attend