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Excerpt from Graffiti Issue 4, June 2023 – By Sara Kaboudvand

Though the years have brought many changes, one thing that has stayed the same is the love and comfort students feel in Mr. Kinoshita’s classroom. Ryan Spagnolo is a grade 12 student who is in Mr. Kinoshita’s class this semester. He explains that “Mr. Kinoshita never fail[ed] to amaze me with the devices he would pull out to demonstrate a concept. He’s hilarious”. Ryan says he will always remember Mr. Kinoshita’s dedication and preparedness. 

Mr. Zheng was a student in Mr. Kinoshita’s class as well, and he has been a teacher at North Toronto for two years now. He says Mr. Kinoshita taught him “the most important lesson–how to handle failure”. Mr. Kinoshita’s class, he remembers, “made me realize that what teachers do, whether they intend it or not, can really leave a long-lasting impact on people– and I think that I wanted to be a part of that. I would not have become a teacher if it weren’t for my experiences in his class”. 

During his retirement, Mr. Kinoshita’s biggest plan is to ski with Ms. Monteith and their children. He says some of his best memories are with the ski team at North Toronto. Thank you, Mr. Kinoshita, for everything you have done for us. Your commitment to students as well as skiers and robotics team members have been so special and appreciated, and we will not forget the impact that you have had on North Toronto. We wish you a relaxing, fulfilling and happy retirement, and we hope that this is not goodbye, but rather, see you later.


Excerpt from Graffiti Issue 4, June 2023 – By Logan Proulx

Ms. Mazzaferro joined the NT community in the 2018-2019 school year. The following year, schools were shut down. This meant her years at NT were a hectic mix of in-person and virtual instruction. The shutdown presented her with an opportunity to reflect on the changing role of educators and education as a whole.


I was able to experience the craziness that was COVID-19, the lockdown, the virtual, everything, and you know coming out of it on the other side, here I am in my last year of my career, with no restrictions, with everything happening in the school. I’m glad I was able to help other students and myself. I was very humbled and grateful that I was able to survive.”


In retirement, Ms. Mazzaferro is looking forward to being able to sleep in and spend more time with her family. She also hopes to hone her musical skills in her two bands and keep her passion for performing alive!


We’d like to thank Ms. Mazzaferro for helping to make NT so inclusive. She has done so much to ensure that every student is heard, respected, and accepted. The school will not be the same without her. We wish her a happy retirement and we hope to see her soon!



Excerpt from Graffiti Issue 4, June 2023 – By Sophie Block

Stop by room 424 after school and you can find a group of students, likely in grade twelve, getting help from Mr. Gardner. A few are standing at his desk, while others wait, discussing their math problems in the math-meme-covered room. In Mr. Gardner’s class, if you need help or support, you get it.



This is Mr. Gardner’s 13th year teaching mathematics at North Toronto C.l. He says that “I originally thought I would stay at NT for five years, but I loved it so much I decided to stay until the end of my career.” In the classroom, Mr. Gardner “likes teaching everything”, but most “enjoys the challenge of teaching first principles proof in trigonometry and vectors.”



In his retirement, Mr. Gardner is not scared of being bored, saying confidently that he “will be busy.” He and his wife are going on an Alaskan cruise in July, and once the school year starts, Mr. Gardner is excited to officiate high school football games, cook, and work around the house. He is “an avid reader and jogger” and “will play hockey a few times a week.” He’s also looking forward to spending more time with his dog, Lucy. Mr. Gardner will continue to help students with math, tutoring and supply teaching.



Mr. Gardner’s eager willingness to help every student will be missed both on the fourth floor and on the field. We wish him a busy and active retirement and thank him for his continuous support of students.



Excerpt from Graffiti Issue 4, June 2023 – By Abby Harlow

In 1995, Ms. Rough moved back to Toronto, got married, and started her first TDSB job as a geography and keyboarding teacher at North Toronto. Although it’s uncommon for a teacher to remain at the same school for 28 years, through going part-time when her kids were little, having principals on her side, and a little bit of luck, Ms. Rough was never surplussed to another school, and spent her entire teaching career in Ontario at NT. While she has been here, she has done some extraordinary things that have become key aspects of North Toronto.


On top of teaching, Ms. Rough plays a big role in the school. She helps to run events like Red and Grey day, and coaches various different sports teams. Her favourite sport to coach is softball or field hockey, as “[she] loves seeing development of kids who have never played before, and the excitement they have when they do something good.”


In retirement, Ms. Rough plans to continue to stay super active, noting that “if you are healthy you can have so much fun.” She is looking forward to playing sports including learning to play hockey, swimming, mountain biking, pickleball, and snowboarding. She also has plans to travel this summer to the Yukon Territories with her kids, and next winter travel to New Zealand for a month with her husband.


Although Ms. Rough noted that she will greatly miss her colleagues who have always been there for her, the kids who bring fun and energy, and coaching, she deserves a well-earned break. From myself and the entire school, I want to wish Ms. Rough the very best time in retirement. Her personality and contributions to the school will be very greatly missed!