Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

Club Head

  • Alice (yeseo.jo@student.tdsb.on.ca)

Staff Advisors

  • Ms. Lee (vicki.lee@tdsb.on.ca)

Meeting Info

  • Bi-Weekly Wednesday at lunch
  • Room 422

Social Media

Club Description

All students who are interested or like animals are all welcome to NT Wildlife Club. Our club is good to learn about animals, their structure, characteristics, and habits. And various ways to conserve wildlife and endangered animals. Also, we provide all fun activities related to animals, so check all the social media and feel free to ask any questions that you have.

What are we doing in the club?

In the NT wildlife club, we learn about the structures, characteristics and habits of a lot of animals. We also contain various activities and it’s the best opportunity to gain new experiences and also make new friends who have similar interests. More specific information about the club is on the club outline so check it out!

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