CodeHers Collective NTCI Chapter

CodeHers Collective NTCI Chapter

Club Executives

  • President: Jasmine Lem (
  • President: Melinda Gao (
  • Junior Club Head: Cathay Li (

Staff Advisor

  • Gabriel Golubovici 


  • Wednesdays on Week 2s (Bi-weekly) at 3:45PM

  • Meetings are virtual through Google Meet 

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Recent Post

CodeHers’ second python workshop is this Wednesday, November 24 from 3:45-4:45pm!


If you couldn’t make it to our first meeting, don’t worry! We will catch you up on what you missed.


The zoom link can be found in our bio.


Please go to Instagram: @codehers_ntci for earlier posts.

Club Activities

CodeHers Collective is a student-led organization, and was founded to help inspire and encourage girls to pursue coding – now it’s coming to NT!


We will be holding after school workshops every other Wednesday (Wednesdays on Week 2s). This year, the workshops will be teaching Java. Not only is it a useful language to know, but it will help prepare junior students for the grade 12 computer science course later on (ICS4U).


This club is low-commitment, meaning that once you sign up, you will get club updates but will not be required to attend every workshop. It is more of a drop-in basis. Don’t forget that beginneers and new members are always welcome!

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