Film Club

Film Club

Club Heads

  • Kadyn Kwon –

Staff Advisors

  • Mr. Greg Davis –

Meeting Info

  • Room 217 (Wednesdays)
  • Room 115 (Fridays)
  • Both days after school

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Club Description

Do you love watching movies and discussing them with others? Do you want to learn more about the art and craft of filmmaking?

If so, then join the Film Club, a new extracurricular activity for students who are passionate about cinema.

In the Film Club, you will have the opportunity to watch and analyze a variety of films from different genres, countries, and eras. You will also get to participate in fun and creative projects, such as making your own short films, writing film reviews, or hosting film festivals. The Film Club is open to all students, regardless of their experience or skill level. All you need is a love for movies and a willingness to share your thoughts and opinions with others.

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