NTCI Charity Week

NTCI Charity Week

Event date: February 7, 2022

NT Charity “Week” Starts this Week with Education Week


What is NT Charity Week? Our NT community comes together annually to raise money for a worthy cause and to help populations in need. NT Charity Week is completely student-led & run. Our fundraising goal this year is $10,000.


NT students voted in the fall for True North Aid as the organization that our school will be supporting. True North Aid is “committed to serving northern communities in Canada with practical, humanitarian support”. The organization serves northern Indigenous persons using projects in the areas of health, food, self-determination, reconciliation, education, water, and housing. (https://truenorthaid.ca).


This week (Feb 11-15) is Education Week where students will learn about the issues facing indigenous persons in the North and about the work of True North Aid.


The following 2 shortened weeks (Feb 14-25) will feature online games and events that students can participate in to raise funds. As well, we will run an online silent auction and an evening guest speaker event for parents/guardians in March.  All donations for games, items & event tickets will be rolled out by email to parent/guardians on School Cash Online.


Here are the online games/events that will go on sale this week. Please watch for the School Cash Online (SCO) emails & encourage your children to enjoy these events!:


Online Games-Scattergories:

SCO email out- Wed Feb 9; Online Event: Feb 14, 4pm


Online Games- Speed Search (Scavenger Hunt @ Home)

SCO email out- Wed Feb 9; Online Event: Feb 15, 4pm


Online Games-Pop Culture Trivia Game

SCO email out-Wed Feb 9; Online Event: Feb 16, 4pm


Winter Wonderland In-School Scavenger Hunt (device needed)

SCO email out-Fri Feb 11; Online Event: Feb 22-26