Thank you to all who attended the Parent Council meeting on Monday, November 22, 2021.  We had a record with 51 attendees. The speaker’s presentation, about benefits of taking a gap year, was well received and will be shared/posted as soon as it is made available. In the meantime, you can learn more about CanGap here.

Michelle Dittmer, President and CEO of CanGap, will present on the importance of taking a gap year. See presentation synopsis below.


Pandemic or no pandemic, gap years are on the rise … and for good reason! Taking an intentional step away from formal education to leverage experiential learning can build foundational skills that will launch your young person into early adulthood with more confidence, independence and a clearer sense of direction.


For those who could not attend, the presentation by Can Gap organized by NTCI parent council on Nov 22, 2021 is available for viewing here:

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Meeting Minutes: NTCI parent council community minutes nov 22 2021.pdf 



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